Company REGISTRATION / What is a Start-up?


Company REGISTRATION / What is a Start-up?

What is a Start-up?

The term start-up refers to a company that is formed in the first stages of operations. Start-ups are founded by one or more entrepreneurs who want to develop a product or service for which they believe there is a reasonable demand. These companies basically start with high costs and limited revenue, which is why they look for capital from a variety of sources such as venture capitalists. Like other companies entrepreneurs need start-up business registration

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There are various Steps involved in Incorporating A New Company:


• The first step is to select a suitable name which is indicative of the main objects of the company.


• The second step is to apply to the concerned RoC to ascertain the availability of name


• After the name approval, in the third step the applicant can apply for registration of the new company by filing the required forms (that is Form 1, 18 and 32) within 60 days of name approval


• The fourth step includes arranging for the drafting of the memorandum and articles of association by the solicitors, vetting of the same by RoC and printing of the same.


• The next step involves arranging for stamping of the memorandum and articles with the appropriate stamp duty.


• Further we need to get the Memorandum and the Articles signed by at least two subscribers in his/her own hand, his/her father's name, occupation, address and the number of shares subscribed for and witnessed by at least one person.


• We need to ensure that the Memorandum and Article is dated on a date after the date of stamping.


• In the last step you need to login to the portal and fill the following forms and attach the mandatory documents


• Finally after processing of the Form is complete and Corporate Identity is generated to obtain Certificate of Incorporation from RoC.


There are certain additional steps to be taken for formation of a Public Limited Company.


What are company incorporation procedure documents?


In most cases the documents part is taken cared by the company incorporation consultants, as it is very tedious process:


1. Documents from Directors and Shareholders

A. Identity Proof

1) Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card

2) Aadhaar Card / Passport / Driving License / Voter Identity Card

B. Address Proof

1) Telephone Bill / Mobile Bill

2) Electricity Bill / Water Bill

3) Bank Statement /Bank Passbook with latest transaction (Any one of the Document not older than 2 months)

C. Passport size Photographs – 3 each



2. Documents to be signed by DIRECTORS

1) Consent to Act as Director: Form DIR-2

2) Details for DIN

3) Declaration of DIN (If DIN is allotted already)


3. Documents to be signed by SHAREHOLDERS

1) Application for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

2) Declaration by Subscribers & Director: INC-9


4. Documents from Company / LLP / Trademark Owner, if any

1) Board Resolution / Formal authorisation for use of Name / Trademark

2) Authorisation for execution Documents from Company / LLP


5. Registered Office – Address

1) No-Objection letter from the Owner of Address to use the address of the registered office of the Company.

2) Address Proof – In the name of the Owner

  • Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill (Fixed Line Only), Gas Bill or Water Bill (Not older than 2 months);- To be signed by the of the Owner of Premises

The above mentioned steps are not as easy as it may seem there are many other formalities and paperwork which need to be done before Company formation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


After company formation the next question that arises is:


There are many companies which provide Best company formation consultant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This is because registering a company in India requires the support of CA/CS/Lawyer as there are many legal procedures which are involved in it.

There are again various steps involved in registration of the company.

Step 1:  We need to apply for RUN (Reserve Unique Name Form

Step2: After the first step we need to obtain DSC and Form SPICE INC-32 (E Form used for Company Registration)

Step3: Here drafting of MOA in made with SPICE INC – 33 and AOA In SPICE form company registration

Step4: Then PAN and TAN Application are done along with Form SPICE INC -32 (E Form used for Company Registration)

Step 5: Issuance of Certificate of Incorporation, PAN & TAN is made.

Step 7: Now finally we need to apply for GST Registration / ESI PF Registration along with Company Registration.

This completes the process of company registration. The following steps need time and patience. As an entrepreneur you need to focus on business. Being directly involved in the registration process will divert your focus. To save time it is better to hire a company registration consultant in Ahmedabad. Company registration consultant can make your work way and get it done quickly. Finally this will help you focus on business rather than its formation policies.


Our Registration / Startupy Services include:

Incorporation Of Company / Limited Liability Partnership Firm/ Trust/Society/ Partnership Firm/ HUF

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Sales Tax Registration

Excise And Custom Registration

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Trade Mark Registration

Provident Fund and ESI Registration

Business Advisory Services

Registration of Section 12AA And 80G of Income Tax Act

Registration of Section 35AC And 35(i)(ii) of Income Tax Act


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